Pamoto-auf-Reisen - Your motorcycle spare parts expert!



You will find about 50000 different spare and wear parts for the motorcycles of the past four decades.



We are specialized in perfect handling and fast shipping.


We ship every day from Monday to Friday . Our extensive warehouse and prime supplier integration offer up to 99% immediate availability , we can also fulfill the highest quality requirements of the relevant sales portals Amazon and Ebay.


Our selected product line is oriented towards the supply of quality spare parts


for motorcycles. Free of helmets and clothing in order to keep the return rate as low as possible. So we can just calculate and pass on price advantages to you, our customers.


Our shop includes products of many well-known brands,


such as Wirth springs, IKON, YSS, TRW, Lucas, Enuma, DID, JT Sprockets, EBC, Tecno, JMT, HiFlo, K&N, NGK, Athena, Dr.Wack, Atlantic, NevrDull and many others.




So we offer reasonably priced replacement parts


for the repair and maintenance of suspension with progressive fork springs, shock absorbers, steering head bearings, wheel bearing, clutch, brake, brake disc, brake pads, drive technology, chain kit, sprocket, chain wheel and the individual motorbike chain in all standard lengths , even in color.


We also provide many kits, containing the necessary spare parts


of certain service work for your motorcycle model. So you will find the clutch repair set containing the clutch plates , clutch springs and the clutch cover gasket. Depending on the scope of supply and the steel discs are contained.


We also offer the standard maintenance kits,


which include the right spark plugs, air filter and oil filter for your motorcycle.


We are constantly working on the further development of our shop,


so that we can contribute to keep your bike up and running.